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Recruiting Program

a-Tech Resourcing is a nationwide, premier IT recruiting and consulting resource for management and technical professionals. Our recruiting service offerings include:

Recruiting Program:

  • Contingency-Based Executive and Professional Level IT Recruiting
  • Customized Fee-Based Recruiting
  • Recruiting Services - Clients specify all or specific recruiting services

Contingency-Based Executive Recruiting Services

Our executive and IT professional recruiting offering is a contingency-based service. We work with senior and mid-level executives to fill critical positions. This type of service is targeted for executive management, technical professional and staff level, full-time positions. Candidates are provided at no charge and payment is expected only if our candidate is hired by you. If the candidate is terminated within a three-month time period, we will present replacement candidates at no additional fee.

Primarily used by companies for critical and difficult to fill and/or time-consuming searches.

Customized Flat Fee-Based Recruiting

Our customized fee-based recruiting service offering provides clients with the option of paying a flat fee for a specific search. This service is primarily offered to clients with five or more openings requiring simultaneous searches. A flat fee is based on requirements, search effort and number of positions to be filled. Fee-based recruiting requires a six month minimum contract.

Targeted for companies with rapid growth or lacking the time to build and manage internal recruiting.

Recruiting Services - All or a specific aspect of the recruiting process

This service offering provides our clients a dedicated recruiter to work on an hourly basis to fill specific positions or perform specific recruiting services, i.e. resume scanning, candidate screening, reference checks, etc.  The dedicated focus of an recruiter can decrease the time and costs to fill openings. Clients can lower hiring costs because they only pay for a recruiter when they need one or a specific service to be performed. Recruiting Services is typically used by companies who have high turn-over or on-going, multiple openings, i.e., call center reps, help desk analysts. This service is limited to junior level positions.

Ideal for companies with time-sensitive recruiting/staffing needs, but lack the time and budget to build and manage an internal recruiting staff.

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