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Our Process

Our search and consulting approach allows us to deliver the best services in the shortest period of time to both clients and candidates. We utilize a five phase approach to guide our search process.

Phase One - Customer Consultation - Define the Opportunity

  • Gain an understanding of client's business, culture, key personalities, selling points for the position, expectations and timeframes
  • Define job specifications including title, level, required skills and experience, responsibilities, compensation and other attributes for success
  • Establish protocol for communication with client through the recruiting and hiring processes

Phase Two - Launch the Search

  • Research and identify all resources that will yield potential candidates
  • Approach and screen potential candidates and eliminate those that are not a fit
  • Define list of prospective candidates
  • Conduct a detailed interview and thoroughly get to know the candidate
  • Conduct specific skills assessment, if required
  • Refine list to include only top three candidates
  • Conduct thorough reference checks using 3-6 references

Phase Three - Presentation and Interview

  • Prepare and present client with top candidate(s) profile to include background summary, value proposition, resume and comments from references
  • Coordinate and facilitate entire interview process
  • Prepare candidate for interview
  • Facilitate communication by obtaining and delivering feedback between client and candidate
  • Manage candidate's and client's expectations throughout the process

Phase Four - Selection and Offer

  • Elicit candidate's concerns and issues through interview process and work toward resolution so that offer process is not adversely impacted
  • Assist client with selection process
  • Consult with client and candidate through the negotiation process until offer is finalized
  • Consult with candidate on resignation process, if needed
  • Assist transition process to ensure success
  • Communicate with candidates who interviewed, but did not receive an offer

Phase Five - Quality Assurance and Closure

  • Review process and solicit feedback from client and candidate to ensure satisfaction
  • Make any needed updates to the process to maintain quality and enhance client satisfaction
  • Continue to work with client and candidate to ensure successful transition
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